RAS Engineering


SMJ offers conceptual design of RAS systems, fish tanks and associated functions in project management, technical clarification, detailed design, environmental approvals and occupational health and safety to the aquaculture industry.

Based on a well-defined production plan, all aspects of RAS and associated functions are designed and dimensioned. Each system is designed for optimal performance and fish welfare, securing stable production. Fish tanks, pipes, and pumps are designed for optimal tank hydraulics with effective self-cleaning abilities. In this regard, CFD analysis of flow and hydraulics is offered to ensure optimal water replacement, mixing, and removing particles.

SMJ also provides dimensioning of the various RAS water treatment stages, thus ensuring efficient particle removal, biofilter nitrification, ozonation and CO2 degassing to keep water quality within the recommended limits for optimal fish health and welfare.

We use an industry-leading digital working method throughout all our work. Only one on-site visit with our 3D laser scanner and drone is needed to collect existing geometry with very high precision. With the point cloud in place, the existing geometry is represented in the 3D model and BIM universe.