About us

SMJ Consulting Engineers was established in 1969 by Sofus M. Jakobsen to which the acronym SMJ refers. Árni and Pætur Jakobsen are co-managing the company today, and they are respectably son and grandson of Sofus.

SMJ Aqua is a sub-brand of SMJ Consulting Engineers with a proven track record. Based in the Faroe Islands – one of the most efficient and premium salmon-producing countries in the world – we have followed the development of the industry for decades. We understand the level of detail and possess the overview needed to succeed in this industry. We provide our customers with skilled employees who have dedicated focus and knowledge in this field of expertise.

We have been working on fish hatcheries in the Faroe Islands for twenty years. In 2015 we began working continuously to improve our salmon industry services. SMJ has developed into a consultancy with outstanding know-how and in-depth understanding of RAS, associated systems, and biological matters. Our services cover everything from conceptual design to the smallest details. With a clear focus on fish health, sustainability, and robust technical systems, we take pride in meeting our customers’ specific demands and delivering the highest quality of service while optimizing the capital expenditures and operating expenses.

At SMJ, we are 40 skilled employees. We service the salmon industry with key people who have good insight into and understand almost every detail in hatcheries. At SMJ, we focus on educating our employees to understand our customer’s needs better. With technical and biological knowledge synchronized, the right decisions and considerations can be taken. It is important that our biologically founded professionals have a basic technical understanding and vice versa. We have employees with interdisciplinary knowledge of the aquaculture industry, which has given us a great foundation to solve challenging tasks in this industry.